An electrified 10-string KANTELE with tremolo bridge. This is the new wave on kantele! The pike is lost and skateboard is here to grind up the melodies. The shape is brilliant to hold on your lap, and while you gently lean on the wheel you get the superb tremolo. Magnetic microphones with the steel strings and you get the best out of the long resonanse. 6 mm plug leads you straight to the world of guitar amps and various pedals to richen the sounds.

Skate it, slide it, grind it, tap it like a diddley… There are endless possibilities to variate the way you play it. If you think you imagination is the limit, then think again! This is one of the few skateboards that are allowed to carry around. The instrument can be used for astronomical observations.



Deck is birch.

Mics are P90.

Jack is 6 mm.

Tuners are 5 mm.

32” length.

9” width.

Mellow concave.

Tuning :

10. A, 9. B, 8. C/C#, 7. D, 6. E, 5. F/F#, 4. G, 3. A , 2. B, 1. C/D

Handmade in Finland.